Monster Bands for Paloff Press, Rows & More…

Orange Massage Stick (aka ‘Spikey Ball Roller’)
January 6, 2018
Bands for Kickbacks and Side Stepping
January 6, 2018

Our 41 inch resistance bands are available individually or as a complete set of 6, and they have so many uses and benefits. Use them to develop flexibility for dancers, mobility for seniors, strength and power for men, women, and kids. You can also use them for therapeutic benefits, sports rehabilitation and physical therapy. Great for basketball jump training, a little extra help as a pullup assist, resistant pushups, bench press sets, stretching exercises and squats. Let the bands offset your weight and be a helper for pullups, dip workout, or use them like weight to simulate powerlifting, weightlifting, or just relieve tension. Use them to flex and strengthen and tone your glutes, tricep muscle, bicep, arms, chest, shoulders, back, neck and upper body. Choose from blue black purple orange red or green for the perfect resistance level . Just a few bands can be a total system for your home gym work out routine or warm ups for ballet, dance or gymnastics. Made of thick latex rubber, each excerise band is a flat loop, and 41 inches long. From heavy to medium to light, they are all 4.5mm thick . They fold easily into a small package, easy to travel with, unlike weights. Imagine being in a hotel room, able to perform a squat, simulate lifting, make a push up like benching by putting the band behind your shoulder, work your glute muscles by band jumping, or even continue your pt rehab without any equipment or tools. Buy the bundle pack kit and have endless pound combinations available to you at all times. Includes lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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