About Us...

Low back pain dominated our lives the first 12 years of our marriage leading to spine surgery for Lindsay & frequent Chiropractor visits for Dave. Despite Lindsay's surgery & Dave's Chiropractor adjustments, pain continued.

Lindsay held 3 certifications in Zumba and Dave was a Triathlete so getting more exercise was not the problem, rather it was doing the right kind of exercise for our body's needs.

We decided to leave our sedentary professions to pursue a profession that would empower us to understand our own bodies & give help to others needing help with their own bodies...Personal Training with a specialization for Older Adults.

And what happened to our pain? Thanks to a better understanding of the human anatomy, we now know exactly what to do to train where we're weak. We learned how to realign our bodies by targeting muscular imbalances, the role posture plays in health and more!

Though we're approaching 40 years old, we feel like we have older adult bodies due to all the pain we've been through. It is our joy to empower older adults with the tools to know how to strengthen their own bodies so they can fulfill the active mature years they desire!

Our Credentials...